środa, 28 stycznia 2015

GlobalGameJam 2015 — KrakJam

This year KrakJam (Cracow edition of GlobalGameJame) has been ended. Our local jam gather more than 70 people in 22 group. That means 22 different game were created during one weekend. In the end we had little voting for best Jam game and… my team Won.

Disabled sheeps got first place

What do we do now?” was topic for 2015 GlobalGameJam. Topic that could evolve to everything, and it evolve into everything. We had games about vikings, animals, pregnacy, flying squirell and many more. But first place was tooked by blind sheeps.

Time shepherd is game about helping blinded sheeps to get to safe zone. They need to bypass lots of traps, and You can help them by slowing down or speed up time. Although there’s a catch, You can modify time for traps only.

If someone is ready to help those poor sheeps I invite to play game using browser: http://indiemonkeys.com/time_shepherd/

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